It’s me who makes things so complicated. I haven’t done my work in time and now I feel guilty about it. Today is the last day I can do something about it, but I preferred to help my friend instead of portecting my own ass. 

high time to go skating. 

high time to go skating. 

Excellent Adventure of my Watch

To begin with, I have a watch. I wear it for…I don’t know exactly, but more than 10 years. But in fact it’s at least as old as I am. It was a present for my grandma from some official delegation that came from the USA to USSR. It never cost much but for me it’s priceless as it’s a memory about my grandma. I used to take it off from my hand only when I go to bed. 

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…Aaand I’m attending gigs again :) I was tired of such stuff after going to 10+ shows last autumn, so I decided to take a break. I also had to heal my nose that was accidentally broken during the Enter Shikari gig XD But on the very first day of summer I found myself staring onto the stage waiting for some show to begin and for no less than the hundredth time I thought that it’s the right place for me. I feel really comfortable in the crowd, screaming, singing, jumping and moshing. 

And here’s the sign of an awesome gig: when you take the ticket out of the pocket and it looks like this XD

haven’t translated interviews for so long.

almost forgot how much I like it.

especially when the band answers my own questions :3

I had much trouble arranging these two and now I’m really happy everything went well and they will go online just in time.

there is also the third one, but I have to transcribe it first. It was my third personal interiew, not a usual phoner, and it was a great experience. Now i’d lve to do something with my favorite bands as the bands I get are either small or just not my style.

it was a tough autumn: I’ve never attended so many gigs in such a short period of time. Seems that all the bands I wanted to see decided to unite and attack my fuckin Narnia. the craziest thing was 3 gigs of different bands in a row. it was insane and couldn’t even raise my hands after the second one…before I heard the first sounds of the third. then I went mad again XD front rows, moshpits, spectacular flashmobs…kinda miss all that already, but there are no gigs I’d like to attend till February, I guess.

too many letters in my post, excuse me.

Oh how much I regret not going to see Suicide Silence gig this summer. I had no money and decided to wait until they play here next time, and what a fool I was. Sometimes there are no next times. That’s sad.

Another note to self: no more procrastination.

btw, I think I got something close to a perfect job. 

I write articles about guitars & other equipment for an online guitar magazine and about interesting places to visit around the world for some travel agency. 

I still do interviews and attend gigs. 

Isn’t it perfect?

hello there. haven’t been here for a while, was too busy moving to a new apartment and looking for a job. 

Well, now I’m back.

For all new followers - welcome, nice to see you here :)

had another awesome weekend. attended a crazy Zebrahead gig, got acquainted with a nice guy there, then had a party at my friend’s place with japanese food, whiskey and Dir en grey DVDs. Life is perfect

"You know what a cell phone is? It’s a little telephone, and I have a voice recorder in it!"

Weirdest thing I’ve ever been told during the interview.  

I hate it when I look through ESP tag and it is filled with weird superpower  things or something related to Spain instead of beautiful guitars and basses. 


Day 26: Your favorite group / member quote.

 Well, that’s easy. 

Die’s "I’m a fucking lobster, bitch!" 


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why do people I barely know always discuss their personal issues with me? talking about men and relationships was not the wisest idea especially.  i totally suck at such things. i tried my best to give her a piece of advice, though. 

Skiing adventures

Nature went mad - it’s the 10th of March, but still a thick layer of snow on the ground. So today I went skiing to the woods. 

Snow, sky and trees under the cut 

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